Lovely, but dangerous dogs, video

In this video you can see the breeds of dogs that are cute, but at the same time very dangerous
dogs. Despite their good-natured and innocent appearance, in some cases they can be evil and dangerous for a person, a child and society.
 The 10 Most Dangerous Dogs There are some breeds of dogs in the world that, when breeding, breeders set a definite goal – to get as a result of their experiments a fairly aggressive animal with pronounced fighting qualities. If such a dog is not trained, it can cause many troubles. So, we will discuss today the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.
 Husky (10th place) Many of our compatriots learned about these beautiful domesticated wolves with expressive blue eyes after watching a touching feature film about the allegiance and loyalty of these animals.
The team of the Husky in 1925 saved the whole city, in time delivering the most valuable serum from diphtheria from Nenana to Nome. But the most interesting is that these dogs are not aggressive, but people who did not work with the husky are very afraid of them. Most likely, this fear is associated with their similarity to wolves. As you know, human fear awakens the beast even in the most peace-loving dog.
Rottweiler (9th place) Probably, with the light hand of journalists, this four-footed strongman got into the rating “The most dangerous breeds of dogs”. He will never harm a person without a reason.
A strong, handsome, muscular handsome man can serve in the police and army, guard vast territories and transport heavy loads. He is so devoted to his master that without a moment’s hesitation, he will rush into battle with him, even with a lion, if his pet or his family is in danger. This brave man is not always very serious, quite often he becomes touching and sweet. Despite the fact that many believe that these are the most dangerous dogs, representatives of this breed often take care of themselves and take care of other animals. Unfortunately, power and strength, absolute obedience often make the Rottweiler a formidable weapon in the hands of criminals.
German boxer (8th place)
Many people who want to start a pet are often asked: “What are the most dangerous dogs?” This question always wants to answer “Unskilled, those who got the wrong owner, who is worthy.” The ancestors of German boxers hunted boars and bears, participated in battles with bulls. Their jaws are arranged in such a way that they can grab the victim and hang on her as much as they need. If the boxer sees in you a danger to his master, he will certainly rush. The owner’s task is to learn to understand the mood of his friend in order to explain to him in time that everything is all right, and you should not worry. Probably, because of this, many believe that boxers are the most dangerous dogs.
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