Little, sweet Persian kittens, a video of a smile.

 What to feed a Persian cat – one of the most important issues of the content of the breed. Ideally, you need to evenly combine good food with home-made food:
• Almost half of the diet – proteins – (lean meat, fish, milk, soybeans);
• carbohydrates (cereals, bread, root vegetables, oat flakes);
• necessary vitamins (olives, asparagus, boiled or raw vegetables, fruits).
The main thing – do not allow in the cat’s diet seasonings and spices.
The Persian can catch mice, if this instinct is awakened in a kitten from 3 to 6 months.
 Persian is a breed of cats with pretty good health, but they have several hereditary diseases, for example:
• polycystic kidney disease;
• blindness (manifested to 4-8 weeks, after a couple of months the animal completely blinds);
• excessive tearing of the eyes due to a flat muzzle (need eye care – blotting with a napkin, treatment with a special lotion);
• hypertrophic cardiomyopathy;
• Persian cats are also susceptible to gingivitis, tartar and plaque formation.
The pet should be checked at the veterinarian with a periodicity of several months.

Excellent mood and smiles when watching this kind, nice video about beautiful Persian kittens. Write your comments and feedback after watching this video.

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