Little, cute puppies, funny video.

In this positive, sweet and funny video you can see the little puppies. Their behavior and first steps will not leave a single person indifferent. Watch such a sweet video is a pleasure.
On the features of sleeping dogs
 Insomnia in the dog – a serious violation. Adult dogs prefer to sleep alone. The only exception is the host. Not a single pet will rest with him. And if you allow a dog to sleep in your bed, it will not miss such an opportunity to join you, even though it is more comfortable for her to sleep alone. She does this not for her own sake, but for you. That you were not scared and lonely … But puppies and adolescents like to sleep in a company like themselves. It is very important for them to feel someone’s warmth nearby. By the way, for this purpose they curl up, warming themselves. In addition, this position allows them to protect the most vulnerable parts of their body. This is the abdomen, thorax and genital area. Another possible position for sleeping is the frog pose. By the way, representatives of some breeds of dogs are more predisposed to it than other dogs. So, almost all spaniels, bulldogs and Pekingese sleep, stretching their hind legs back, resting their belly in the ground and resting their head on their front paws. Before you fall asleep, the dog has a long and a lot of spinning. Some experts consider this an instinctive manifestation of the nature of the ancestors. Then the dogs had to rustle in the bushes for a long time to arrange a likeness for the stove there. However, there is also a physiological explanation for this. The dog arrives in such a way as to find the optimal pose for the spine to relieve the load. By the way, if you notice, your pet almost always sleeps his head to the door. back to the content
 Problems with sleep in a dog – what can they tell
 Below we give the most frequent manifestations of sleep disorders in dogs and what they can testify about. Do not ignore these tips … The dog often turns in a dream – this can be caused by joint pain or an uncomfortable bed. Make sure it is moderately soft and comfortable. The dog jumps up during sleep and begins to ask to go to the toilet, the dog has urine leakage in the dream – possible hyperactivity in young dogs, kidney problems at a more mature age. The dog does not sleep, but only sleeps – this condition can lead to nervous exhaustion and testify to serious problems with the CNS of the animal. The dog wakes up to eat, and then continues to sleep – for animals of the age such behavior is not considered a violation and a deviation from the norm. More on the age changes in the body of dogs. But in young dogs, it can say that the pet does not eat, is in a state of stress, it has problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
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