It's impossible to see without a smile, Pomeranian Spitz, video.

A funny, fascinating video about a playful little dog breed, Pomeranian Spitz. This cute video will appeal to everyone who watches it. It will give a smile and a good mood.
Maintenance and care of the Spitz
 Despite the main feature of Pomeranian Spitz – their rich fur – the care of the dog does not require the master to use the powers to make his pet look well-groomed and comfortable.
Spitz is enough to comb twice a week with a rare comb with blunt teeth in all directions, so that his coat looks decent.
With regard to washing the Spitz, the opinions of specialists are divided.
Some suggest bathing the spitz once a week, others prefer to limit themselves to washing before exhibitions and not to abuse water procedures.
The second approach is more reasonable, since frequent washing, even with the use of special gentle shampoos, can dry the skin of the spitz, cause irritation and increase the work of the sebaceous glands. Wash an orange better once in a couple of months, and in between, comb it with dry shampoos.
The wool of the Pomeranian Spitz has such a structure that almost no coalescence is formed. Nevertheless, the owner must constantly cut off excess wool between the fingers of the dog, around the anus and in the ears.
Applying for scooping out the Spitz, the tufts are not recommended, since they relieve the dog of the undercoat, while the Spitz has the undercoat “holds” the outer hair. There will be a rare undercoat – all the splendor of wool will disappear.
Claws are cut every 7-10 days, eyes and ears should be inspected and cleaned regularly with the same frequency.
 When cleaning the ears, you can use a special hypoallergenic lotion, the eyes are washed with clean boiled water.
If there are suppuration, redness of the eyes, do not do self-medication, but immediately turn to specialists.
Many dwarf breeds, including the Pomeranian Pomeranian, tend to be obese. For the owner it is important to clearly determine the diet and the necessary diet. “Delicacies” should be given to the Spitz as an encouragement during training, from case to case.
Feeding “off the table” is unacceptable. Human food can cause problems with the stomach, bad breath, inflammation of the pancreas and obesity of the liver.
If the owner prefers to use natural food, then do not forget about the regular vitaminization of the orange. The lack of vitamins can affect the condition of the coat, and the work of the internal organs.
Scheduled vaccinations and timely de-worming, regular visits to the veterinarian – all this must be done necessarily.
What name would suit an orange
 Even if in the passport of the charming orange is written the terrible name Archibald Bright von Power, his house will be called Archie.
Therefore, to choose a nickname for your pet should be given its size, dog charisma and its feelings.
The boys are popular German names associated with the homeland Spitz – Bruno, Klaus. Extremely popular is the name of Bu (named after the famous Internet hero), and derivatives from him – Bublik, Butch, Busik.
The girl of the Pomeranian Spitz will be pleased to call Adele, Jesse, Lulu, Gerda.
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