Irish Terriers -Temperature Animals, video

Characteristics of character
 Irish terriers are temperamental animals. Possessing a well-developed muscular system and an ardent temper, they need quality walks, physical exertion, and attention and affection.
Busy, lazy people will not get along with the Irish terrier. Such a tandem will not bring happiness to either side.
The excellent physical shape of the terrier is complemented by an amazing mind. These dogs never rush to meet the danger thoughtlessly, all actions seem to be calculated in advance and are made with a sober head.
Anyone who decided to start an Irish terrier will never again exchange it for another dog. They surprisingly know how to subdue a person. And the devotion with which the Irishman serves his masters, simply disarms. In case of danger, the dog will save a person even at the cost of his life.
These dogs are able to take offense, so the owners will have to weigh every action, especially with regard to punishments. It is better to apply them only in the case, very carefully, no emotional actions, only well-considered educational measures.
Irish terriers get on well with children, enter games, especially like active outdoor activities. Kids with great joy rush with dogs to race, throw them sticks, it seems, the terrier never runs out of energy.
Loud barking for no reason does not happen, Irish terriers do not like to open the mouth just like that, without the need. But if it concerns the protection of property, territory or owners, then the offender will have to enjoy a loud, frightening voice.
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