Irish Terrier is an excellent runner, video

Irish Terrier – get yourself a star
Irish Terrier – a dog with elegant and exquisite appearance, has a huge brave heart.
“Brave devil” – that’s the name of this dog in his homeland, in Ireland.
Officially, the breed was recorded in the middle of the XIX century in Ireland. But, if history is to be believed, the first individuals were bred about two thousand years ago.
Dogs of that time were distinguished by a variety of colors. More precisely, besides the red dogs, there were also black dogs with tan marks, and tiger ones. The pure breed was bred in the 80s of the same century, and since then the Irish terriers are only red.
Irish terriers are excellent runners, among all kinds of terriers, this is the fastest dog. This property contributed to the fact that dogs were widely used as hunting dogs in pursuit of small prey.
But on this fine qualities of the Irish do not end. Dogs are used both as watchmen and guards. From the Irish terriers are obtained excellent family dogs, as well as from Hungarian kuwas.
Pleases owners and life expectancy of the Irish terrier. The specimens that survived to the age of seventeen are recorded, the average life expectancy of the Irish terrier is 13 years.
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