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The White Swiss Shepherd (born in Berger Blanc Suisse) is a new breed of dog, recognized by FCI only in 2011. It remains a rare breed, not recognized by many cynological organizations.
This breed can be considered international, as it was attended by residents of several countries. Its history is closely connected with politics, even somewhat paradoxical. The fact is that the factors that were supposed to destroy it, worked the other way.
The white sheepdog originally comes from English-speaking countries: the USA, Canada and England. Her ancestors are German shepherds, and those who lived in scattered counties of Germany long before the unification of the country and the emergence of a single breed standard.
By the end of the 18th century, the German Shepherd was formed as a breed and various shepherd dogs of Germany were standardized. Among them was a white shepherd, originally from the northern part of the country – Hanover and Braunschweig. Their peculiarity was the standing ears and the white color of the wool.
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society of Amateurs of German Shepherd Dogs), which dealt with traditional types of German shepherds, was extremely diverse at that time. In 1879, the light appeared Grief, the first male of white color, registered in the tribal book of the community.
He was the carrier of the recessive gene responsible for the white color of the coat and was intensively crossed with other dogs. Thus, the white color at that time was not something non-standard.
The popularity of German shepherds grew rapidly and they were imported to many countries around the world. In 1904 the breed got to the USA, and in 1908 the AKC recognized it. The first white puppy was registered by the AKC on March 27, 1917.
In 1933, the standard of German shepherds changed and dogs with white coat color were not registered if they did not belong to the old type. In 1960 the standard was again revised and dogs with white wool were completely excluded. Such puppies were rejected, their birth was considered a flaw. In Germany and Europe, white sheepdogs almost disappeared.
However, several countries (USA, Canada and England) did not change the standard and white-colored dogs were allowed to register. It was in them that a new breed appeared – the white Swiss shepherd.
Despite the fact that, breeding of these dogs caused much controversy and had enemies, white sheepdogs did not lose popularity in the USA. They were often interbred with each other, but they were not a single breed until the establishment in 1964 of a club of amateurs. Thanks to the efforts of the club “White German Shepherd club”, these dogs went beyond the unrecognized offspring of the German shepherd and became a purebred breed.
Work on the popularization of the breed was conducted from 1970 and by 1990 it was a success. In Europe, where the traditional white sheep dog disappeared and was banned, the breed appeared under the name of the American-Canadian White Shepherd (English-Canadian White Shepherd). In 1967, a dog named Lobo was imported to Switzerland, and since 1991, white sheepdogs began to register in the Swiss Register of Pedigree Books (LOS).
On November 26, 2002, Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) pre-registered the breed as Berger Blanc Suisse – a white Swiss shepherd, although the breed has a very indirect relationship to Switzerland. This status changed on July 4, 2011, when the breed was fully recognized.
Thus, a traditional German dog, returned to his homeland, but already as a separate breed, not related to German shepherds.
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