Husky - northern dog in the apartment, video

The contents of the Husky in the apartment
 Consider the care and maintenance of the husky.
There is an opinion that in some behavioral reactions the Huskies are more cats than dogs. For example, their desire to keep their own wool clean is purely a feline prerogative. And dog barking is not typical for the husky. Rather, it will emit soft “purring” sounds, especially when trying to express gratitude to the owner.
The content in the domestic conditions of the Siberian husky is absolutely not burdensome for the owner. The dog does not have a specific smell, its wool does not get wet and “self-cleaning”.
Bathing Husky should be in extreme cases and not more often than once every few months. An exception can be a hot summer, when a cool shower is one of the best means of saving from the heat.
Paradoxically, frequent bathing can cause an unpleasant odor in the husky.
Since the Husky is a northern dog, it has a dense undercoat, which is replaced twice a year by a new one in the process of molting. In spring and autumn, the husky is recommended to be carefully combed out, while it is advisable to use a torch, which quickly removes the dog from dead skin.

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