Neuroscientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico have wondered how well dogs can understand human emotions. To find out what processes occur in the brain of animals, experts have trained dogs to lie quietly in the MRI apparatus.
The experiment involved eight dogs, mostly border collie. During the procedure, the dogs were shown images of strangers. It turned out that at the sight of a happy human face, the dog increases activity in the temporal lobe and several other areas. At the same time, the picture of the changes was so obvious that the computer could accurately determine from the picture exactly when the dog saw the happy face of the person. In addition to happiness, experts experimented with anger, fear, and sadness.
Interestingly, in humans, the temporal lobe is involved in the formation of long-term memory, the processing of visual and auditory information, and also contributes to the understanding of the language. All this suggests that our four-legged friends really know how we feel.

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