Hamsters nyashki -milashki funny video

Before you are assembled merry playful two hamsters. They live in the same cage and always give a lot of wonderful emotions and smiles for their master and for everyone who looks at their game and behavior. In this collection of their several videos are represented Syrian hamsters.
Description of the Syrian hamster:
The fur of the Syrian hamster is thick and soft, its color is very diverse. The rodent grows to twelve centimeters; its distinctive feature is the fact that among the representatives of this family, it is tailless. Among the Syrian hamsters are considered long-lived animals, the fur of which has a golden brown color. It happens that they live up to seven years. Syrian hamsters are clean with respect to themselves and their houses, so they do not bring any special troubles to their owners. The natural food of Syrian hamsters differs in simplicity: various vegetation, nearby mink, small insects, grains. As in freedom, and in conditions of domestic, hamster, the Syrian prefers to stay awake at night and sleep during the daytime. Female Syrian hamsters are minimal among other rodents during pregnancy – a little more than two weeks.
Power Syrian hamster:
The main rule, which the owners of Syrian hamsters should never forget – the rodent can not be overfed. The diet of the animal requires a balance. The owners must provide their pet with various grains – wheat, rice, millet, oats. Necessary and hay, grass, various garden plants: parsley, plantain, salad, dill. In the diet of the animal it is recommended to add some vegetables: zucchini, carrots, cucumber, radish; fruit, dried fruits. Syrian hamsters also require cottage cheese – non-acidic and non-fat. Remarkably, this small animal, it turns out, is useful beer, but in moderate doses. However, the hamster is banned: exotic fruits, cabbage, nuts, sugar, salt, spices, drinks – yoghurt and kefir. In order for the Syrian hamster to maintain the necessary moisture balance, it needs milk (preferably diluted dry, if fresh, not sour), and water. Rodents of semi-deserts of water drink a little, but it should always be in a clean water bowl.
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