Guinness World Records 10 unique animal videos

In this amazing, unique and interesting video are collected the cases of unique animals that hit the book with the Guinness record. Their behavior and talent is unique and unique. Watch this instructive and very informative video and have great fun. Enjoy your viewing. Leave your feedback and comments. Write your observations about animals.
Animals caught in the Guinness Book of Records
Records set not only people – and among the animals have their champions. On earth, under the earth, in the depths of the seas and oceans, in the air, even in blocks of ice. Here are some of them found in the Guinness Book of Records.
The cow of Swallow became the record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. She is officially recognized as the smallest cow. Her height is about 80 centimeters! Svollow 11 years, she gave birth to 9 calves, and the owners call her “the chief nurse of the herd.” The cow lives on a farm in the English county of Cheshire and belongs to Martin and Caroline Ryder. The record is dated September 14, 2009.
And here again the smallest cow – reaches a height of 81 centimeters. This is a fairly rare subspecies of the Indian breed of cows “Vechur”. The photo shows a 16-year-old cow of this species next to an ordinary cow, six years old. It looks like it’s like a cow-mother stands next to her calf, although, in fact, the “calf” is ten years older.
A dog named Edward Watson from the US, nicknamed Rose, can catch seven flying disks at once and hold them all in his mouth. (Richard Bradbury / Guinness World Records)

The longest in the world language among dogs – 11.43 cm – belongs to Puggy – the nine-year-old Pekingese Beka Stanford (from the USA). The measurements took place in the veterinary clinic “Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic”, Texas, on May 8, 2009, when Puggy was nine years old.
Cat Magic, owned by Kimberly and Lee Drapers from the US, has a height of 6.48 feet and is the largest cat in the world. The record was registered on December 17, 2009.
Watch this video and enjoy it. Have a good mood. Write your feedback and comments.

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