Gif video of playful raccoons

Raccoon Raskun can be a wonderful companion for humans, as well as a dog or a cat. They have a high intellectual level and are able to understand a lot. But the main thing is to understand the peculiarities of the character of raccoons, before starting it, so that new surprises and nuances are not surprising.
Whims, education and revenge
Raccoons Raskuny all understand. But they are distinguished by capriciousness and schooling, they are in their blood and getting rid of them is almost unreal. But over time, by training you can achieve obedience. Raccoons are capricious, especially during puberty and mating rut. At this time, it is better to build a special tactic of behavior, which will include a decrease in active communication with the pet and the possibility of distracting it with an interesting solitary occupation.
Another bottom distinctive feature of the animal is revenge and touchiness. During training and upbringing, you can never use a loud cry and physical strength, in which case the animal will remember the insult and give you a response over time that is not very pleasant for the owner.
These pets are similar in character to a child of three or four years old. Very curious, playful and touchy. Only from the owner depends on the correct formation of character. Raising a baby should be ubiquitous and regular. Getting such a pet you need to be ready for its features. He cannot be left alone, as from the longing they begin to harm.
Characteristics and behavior
Constant adequate communication will help form a normal character in an animal, but it is worth remembering some physiological features.
– Curiosity and courage. To get into the narrowest gap, onto the eaves of the curtains, to the neighbors on the balcony is easy. This little mischievous person is always driven by curiosity, which, combined with natural courage, sometimes leads to disastrous results.
– Cleanliness – they love cleanliness, but in their own way, therefore, the washed favorite things (including keys, wallets, etc.), and the lovingly decomposed contents of the trash can, can be extremely pleasing to the owner at the beginning, but the child can be objectively explain that he is wrong and after a couple of educational moments settle down.
“Insolence is in his blood, as is shkodnost. He simply does not understand why it is impossible or most likely just does not want to understand. Therefore, hidden, will be dug out and disassembled. And if it is wrong to scold, it will also be deliberately taken apart. The animal will climb into all the cracks, boxes and boxes in the house for him there is no concept of personal space.
All the characteristic features of raccoons make them individual and unique. They can not be compared to cats or dogs, they are smarter and more interesting. But getting such an animal you have to be prepared for the fact that it will require much more time.

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