Funny videos of drunken cats.

This fun, exciting video will give everyone a smile and a good mood. Cats, these are wonderful animals that always give us joy and a wonderful mood.
Care of cats
How often can you bathe cats?
If you have experience of keeping a cat or a cat, then for sure you know that these pets do not like water procedures very much. Probably, this is due to the fact that by nature they are very clean animals. They can often be found after licking their own fur coat. The coat of these animals is covered with protective grease. It is produced by the sebaceous glands. Therefore, the natural question arises: is it worth to bathe cats in general? Do they need hygiene procedures?
Do I need to wash cats?
Experts state: you can bathe these pets. But to do it too often is not worth it. It is necessary to carry out hygiene procedures before the participation of the animal in the exhibition or competition. In this case, the animal’s fur is given special attention, since the exterior is one of the parameters of the contestant’s evaluation. To wash the pet it is necessary also in the event that it has strongly become soiled, fell out in the mud, for example. Do not do without hygiene and in the event that the pet has external parasites and need to apply an insecticidal shampoo. Use such funds must be strictly according to the instructions, do not allow overdose.
Inexperienced pet owners wonder how often cats can be washed. To answer this question, it is necessary to know the breed of the animal and its habitat. If the darling lives in an apartment, does not go out into the street at all, being content with the fresh air on the balcony, and you comb it regularly, use a torch, and you may not need hygiene at all. Their maximum frequency is once every 6 months. When a cat is elite, purebred and, as they say, keeps to its purity before fanaticism, maybe it needs to be bathed even less often. If the pet is living in a private house, has got used to spend a lot of time in the street, then it is recommended to bathe it once every two months. Animals that live in rural areas are bathed with a frequency of once a month and a half.
As for the representatives of naked breeds, with missing hair on the skin, they need frequent bathing. They are recommended to wash once in 2-3 weeks in the warm season and once in 30 days in the winter.
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