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What to feed a hamster in house conditions with?

Each owner who cares for the hamster wants to treat the favourite with something tasty – whether it be vegetable, fruit or berry, and then to observe how the small animal regales on an entertainment, pushing received for cheeks. But you should not forget that not all fruit and vegetables can be given to a rodent even if they also are grown up in the garden or on a kitchen garden. So with what to feed a hamster in house conditions, you ask. We will try to answer this question in this article.

Let’s begin with the fact that everything that is bought in the market, can be hazardous to health of your pet as you do not know where as and with what use of technologies the bought bunch of parsley or salad was grown up. Can it grew up near the route with heavy traffic of cars, or processed huge amount of fertilizers and pesticides. And then it happens so that you gave a little bit to these greens to the pet, and the cheerful hamster hung after a while, it had a vomiting, a diarrhea, salivation amplified, spasms or paralysis began.

Also it will be good if you manage to help a rodent in time, having applied vomitives and washout to a hamster a stomach. If you do not see symptoms of poisoning in time or will not help the pet, then, most likely, everything will end sadly. To regret, but every year many hamsters perish from poisoning with cucumbers, salad or watermelon. And owners just wanted to indulge favourites fresh.

What vegetables it is possible for hamsters

Concerning opinion cabbage very much to be separated. One consider that all grades of cabbage are useful to hamsters, except red from which at animals swells out a stomach. Others consider that cabbage very heavy for the alimentary system of a rodent therefore you should not give it. Our opinion such is – it is possible to feed a hamster with a cauliflower and broccoli, and here it is better for pet to refrain from feeding of other grades of this useful vegetable.

It is possible to treat with tomato the favourite, but in a small amount. And here it is possible to feed with sweet paprika a hamster without restrictions.

It is also possible to suggest the pet to regale on a cucumber if you are sure that it without nitrates and other harmful substances. The hamster will not refuse pumpkin and a vegetable marrow. For feeding of rodents use only young fruits of a vegetable marrow. And it is impossible to feed with pumpkin animals is younger than a two-week age.

Potatoes contain a lot of Amylum therefore it is not recommended to be given. But occasionally you can give to a hamster a small piece of crude or boiled potatoes if the pet well transfers this product.

It is possible to feed with beet a hamster, but here the advantage any from this vegetable will not be. Offer a rodent carrot or a garden radish better – these vegetables are vitamin-rich and will bring to the pet only benefit. They can be given to little animals though every day.

You should not treat a hamster with fresh green peas before to feed the pet with this vegetable, it should be struck to thermal treatment. You can treat the favourite with baby puree from green peas or offer young escapes of an asparagus.

And as into the account of berries and fruit

Offering a hamster fruit or berries, beforehand delete from them sunflower seeds. Your pet cracks everything, including the stones of apples, cherries containing toxicants which can be deadly to a rodent.

If you have a dwarfish hamster, then it is undesirable to feed him with sweet fruit and berries. As these animals are inclined to Diabetum, it is safer to exclude such fruit and berries from their diet, giving preference to vegetables.

The most popular fruit for feeding of hamsters is an apple. Best of all these small animals will suit sweet grades of apples, and here rodents do not need to yield sour and immature fruits. Also you do not feed the pet with fruits with decay traces. It is not recommended to offer apples to little hamsters to a two-week age, at them the ascites – a liquid congestion in an abdominal cavity can develop.

Some grades of a pear cause laxative effect therefore this fruit needs to be given in a small amount.

Apricots, peaches, plums, sweet cherry and cherry can be given, but in small amounts and is not more often than once a week.

In winter time when there are no fresh fruit, it is possible to treat a hamster with dried fruits. The rodent can give raisin, dried apricots, banana chips, dried apples and pears. Before feeding of dried apples and pears, they need to be soaked beforehand in water within 2-4 clocks.

The hamster can be fed with berries of strawberry or Fragaria – your favourite will be very glad to such delicacy. Raspberry should be given in a trace amount, or not to give at all – it is a purgative. Also do not give to rodents sour berries, such as barberry or sea-buckthorn. Excess acid will not bring benefit to a little animal.

You can offer the favourite small berry of grapes. Grapes have to be ripe – the immature and begun to ferment berries it is impossible for the pet. Attentively observe the pet if your hamster does not eat all berry, remove oddments and throw out that grapes did not decay and did not spoil all zakhomyachenny stocks, and did not lead to poisoning of a small animal.

You do not feed with watermelon and a melon the pet. Often people suffer from poisoning with nitrates which absorb in themselves these melon cultures. And hamsters can die at all.

Citrus and exotic fruit for a hamster are under a ban. In a citrus there is a lot of acid because of which in small an animal there can be a frustration of the alimentary system.

As exception serve only bananas – they can be given a little bit. Or to offer banana chips.

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