Funny selection of videos with dogs

Funny funny and exciting selection of videos, where our faithful and faithful animals, dogs delight us. All dogs are distinguished by their playfulness, ingenuity, devotion.
The most kind breeds of dogs
The nature of our four-legged friends is largely dependent on education. Some large dogs seem to be threatening and terrible around, but in reality they are real good people. But cute representatives of decorative rocks can be aggressive, spiteful, hysterical. Therefore, if you want to have a good friend in your house, you should equip yourself with useful information about such animals.
Labrador retriever
The breed was bred in Canada. It is considered universal for any family due to a stable psyche. Labradors are used on the hunt as office dogs, as guides for the blind and assistants for the disabled. Dogs are considered real humanists, always find a common language with children, will be excellent nannies for them. This is an energetic and jumping dog.
Labradors retrievers are helpful, smart. Dogs are well suited to dressing, they easily go to contact with guests at home, good-natured.
Golden retriever
Affectionate, beautiful dog, bred in England for hunting. Over time, the breed became an ideal companion. Today they are excellent helpers for people with disabilities.
Dogs have good memory and excellent flair, they can quickly bring things. They get along well with children, look after them, get along with other domestic pets. Golden retrievers are delicate, friendly, trusting. Such dogs never aspire to dominate. The main thing for them is to be friends and helpers.
This is a great walking kindness. Representatives of the breed appeared on the island of Newfoundland. They have proven themselves to be unselfish assistants and reliable marine rescuers. That is why they are called “divers” in Russia.
Newfi have glory obedient, deprived of aggression by dogs. These are wise, balanced, stubborn, curious dogs. They gladly fulfill requests, commands, carry bags, pull sleds with cargo. Newfoundland, besides, beautiful nannies. In relationships with children, they show forgiveness, patience, boundless kindness. True, the dimensions of dogs require that the place in the house was a lot.
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