Funny puppies of Newfoundland, fascinating video.

In this lovely, fascinating video you can see the small puppies of a big dog, the breed of Newfoundland. Without a smile it is impossible to look at the behavior of these small and cute puppies.
How to choose a Newfoundland puppy
 The choice of puppies should be taken seriously and responsibly:
• It is better to turn to professional nurseries with a good reputation;
• get the maximum possible information about the puppy’s parents, check the pedigree;
• assess the health of the puppy – its activity, mobility, appearance;
• obtain and examine the results of genetic testing of parents for the presence of hereditary diseases or their carriage;
• check documents about vaccinations;
• ask about the possibility of getting advice and advice from the breeder in the future.
A healthy puppy in a certified nursery is more expensive than with the hands of unknown people.
But this to a much greater extent ensures that you will not be deceived and disappointed in the future.

 Newfoundlands have a pronounced tendency to obesity due to a passive lifestyle. The food should be balanced and not too high in calories.
Feed adult dogs 2 times a day, and puppies 4 times.
It is allowed to give meat – beef, veal, lamb.
Pork and poultry are not recommended.
Meat in the diet should be at least 40 – 50%, limit products such as rice and potatoes, it is better to give buckwheat and oatmeal. You can also use dry dog ​​food.
It is wonderful for everyone to see and read. Write your feedback, comments after watching this exciting, fun video.

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