Fascinating video of funny piglets

In this fun, wonderful video, funny moments are gathered, when the pig lives at home. Our animals, this is a sea of fun and laughter. To observe their direct behavior is a great pleasure for any person. Our pets, regardless of their origin and gender, give us joy and will always be faithful to their master. Most often, animals that live in the same house are friends with each other. So they can get along together and live in the same house, a pig, a parrot and together with a cat. Although in nature they are considered by many enemies. But at home they perfectly get along together. Pig decorative can run and play with a large dog. In our video the pig walks on a leash of a cat, they are together happy. To look at such merry moments is a pleasure, which everyone can get when watching this fun, fascinating video. Watch and enjoy what you see. Write your feedback and comments. Talk about your pets who are alive next to you.

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