Excellent video about the Bengal cat

In this interesting, instructive and amazing video you can see the moments from the life of an intelligent, beautiful Bengal cat. View the characteristics of the breed, coat color, independent character. Such cats will be able to diversify the life of their master, to fill his life with beautiful good moments.
Features of the breed
 Bengal cats are impressive in size. They have a strong, long, slender body, elongated hind legs and a fairly high croup. Bengal cats are much larger than females. Growth Bengal cat 26 – 32 cm, weight from 4 to 7 kg.
The head of the Bengals is small, shaped like a wedge. Ears small, rounded at the tips and wide at the base.
Some individuals have very developed ears, but this is a deviation from the standard.
The tail is dense, not very long.
The wide muzzle is decorated with “wild” stripes, large, expressive eyes, small mustache pads and chin are prominent.
The wool of these cats is meek and very smooth, so that the owners do not have problems with them.
Color Bengal cat – a distinctive feature of the breed.
It varies within the limits of brown shades. In addition, there are snowy and silvery colors.
Regardless of the color on the fur of cats, there is a pattern: rosette, marble or spotted.
At the age of 3-4 weeks, kittens lose their brightness, it is restored to about 10 months. This is the genetic feature of Bengals.
 Those who ignorantly consider Bengal cats wild aggressive, when they are close acquainted with them, understand that there are no beings kinder and more affectionate. They are very responsive, loyal, dependent on the owner. That is why there is often a trusting relationship between them.
The owner should be familiar with the specifics of the breed, give the pet a lot of attention. Cats love to be taken care of, so they are often near people. They “talk”, like pomurlykat, publish many sounds.
Freedom for cats is manifested in the fact that they do not like being taken in their arms. It is unlikely that they will scratch, but they will just be unpleasant.
Owners say that pets get along well with all members of the family, do not show aggression in critical situations. Nevertheless, Bengals do not recognize any power, do not tolerate submission.
Genetically, cats were transmitted a sharp mind and cunning. They quickly remember everything, they can learn a lot: wash the toilet in the toilet, turn off the light, open the doors and so on.
Because these animals are very active, do not leave them alone for a long time. Even in old age, they remain playful and active. The subject of “hunting” can be the hands and feet of the owners.
Educate and communicate with these animals is necessary through caress. They understand how tactile, and verbal.
Interestingly, Bengal may not allow the adult to pat himself, but the child can do with it, whatever he wants: walking on a leash, bathing in a bath, dressing in different clothes. An animal will never offend him.
Also, cats perfectly coexist with other animals.
Bengals love water. One likes to swim in the bathroom, others to substitute a paw under the running water, the third to walk on the water. They are just obsessed with water, so it’s best not to leave them in the toilet or bathroom.

Enjoy your video and good mood. Write your feedback and comments. Tell stories about your pets.

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