Dogs see sweet dreams, fascinating video.

In this fascinating, fun and very interesting video you can look at sleeping dogs. How cute they sleep and how funny they look when they sleep sweetly. Watch for sleeping dogs can be long hours. I wonder what he sees in his dreams a dog?

Do dogs dream
 Quite often, dog owners ask this question. They are interested in knowing what the dreams of their pets look like. What kind of pictures do they see if they are seen at all during sleep? Well, today science with confidence says that dogs can see dreams. And often those sounds and movements that they make during rest – the response and the brain to what they see in a dream. By the way, not only dogs see dreams, but … decorative rats. This conclusion was made by researchers at the University of Massachusetts in 2012, after extensive research. So, your pet can dream pleasant dreams, where he walks with you on a walk, and can have nightmares. In such a situation, when the owner suspects that his pet is experiencing not very pleasant moments of dreams, it is better, of course, to wake the dog. It will be more correct to do this by calling her by name, but not in any way without touching it. A dog after a terrible dream can not immediately orient, where she is and who is next to her, and can even bite her master. So, better just call her by name.

Watch this wonderful video with pleasure. Write your feedback, comments. Tell your fascinating stories about your pets and your observations of them.

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