Dog, Siberian Husky, video

Siberian Husky – a dog whose DNA is the most like a wolf.
Husky is among the most ancient dogs, known since time immemorial.
The settled seaside tribes of the Russian Far East needed an assistant to transport cargo. The best way to cope with this problem was driving dogs.
Some believe that the husky is the descendants of dogs bred by the Chukchi, but this is not entirely true. The Americans, who took this breed, were not very versed in ethnography and divided the overseas peoples into two kinds – Russian and Chukchi. They even have one of the names of the Husky breed – “chukcha”. Only the real Chukchi have nothing to do with it.
History included the case when the leader of the dog pack was awarded a bronze monument for saving the city of Nome (Alaska) from the epidemic of deadly diphtheria. The strongest frost and hurricane wind did not prevent the dog sledding from delivering a saving vaccine to the town.
Monument to the dog named Balto is set in New York in honor of the victorious relay race that saved the city of Nome from extinction. A cartoon about the dog Balto is a screened confirmation of that.

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