Dog, reliable nanny and protection for the child video.

In this fascinating and instructive video are some facts from life, where our best friends of the dog care for children. They are wonderful nannies for children. Dogs are very fond of children and express their love when they responsibly concern their protection and upbringing.
Among the large thoroughbred dogs the best nannies are considered to be collies. They are able to display angelic patience in games with children, allowing the kids to do with them whatever they want. These dogs are not used to aggression, even if the child is hurting them. Collie – excellent “shepherds” for young children, they are easy to teach to monitor children, do not let them climb anywhere horrible or leave the yard.
A beautiful baby-sitter will be a dog. To all those who are smaller in size, this dog is indulgent. In addition, the mastiffs differ in devotion and responsibility towards their masters and members of their families. It is recommended to buy mastiffs for those who are able to properly feed this huge dog, since his health depends very much on properly selected food.
Playfulness and kindness is inherent in labradors. For a family where there are children, this is a good trait, but it is not worth counting on a Labrador in case of an attack. Bark it will be for visibility, because in the nature of these dogs there is a desire to please almost everyone, including strangers.
Unlike Labrador, German Shepherd is not only considered a good nanny, but also protects its owners perfectly. With children, these dogs are treated with care. In addition, sheep dogs are easily trained, they understand everything from a half-word. Similar qualities are enjoyed by boxers. The difference is that an adult shepherd is not very playful, and boxers are ready at any age to support children in games. The bad thing is that in winter these dogs quickly freeze on the street, and therefore walk with children for a long time can not.
Poodles of different sizes will suit children as companions. These decorative dogs are very good at getting along with kids. Both toy poodles and royal poodles can stay in the company of children for a long time, playing with them. Playfulness and affection is characteristic of such a dog as a golden retriever. She is so complaisant in nature that this dog is used in some countries as companions in shelters for children.
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