Dog is better nanny for the baby video

Sometimes a dog will be much better than any nanny. She is very responsible for the upbringing of the child. She watches him, protects and cheers every kid. For a baby, the dog is also a wonderful friend and educator. With a dog, the child is very fun and plays well. Dogs are very fond of children and spend time with children for every dog pleasure. Also, the dog will help a lot if the baby has cried. More often than not, dogs cope better with the role of mother. The dog is fun and the child will also never have to be bored. If you need to leave the room for a while, then you can not worry and are not afraid for your baby if your dog is next to her.
Numerous groups of terriers are characterized by hyper mobility. In addition to the black terrier, they all communicate well with children. Especially balanced is the Airedale terrier. Keep in the house of any terrier is simple enough, provided that he can walk regularly. Lack of movement is harmful to terriers, they can get sick. By the way, the Airedale terriers do not shed, which is also good for families where children suffer from allergic diseases.
A wonderful addition to any house will be a bichon frieze, an obedient and faithful dog, but one must take into account that her fur needs constant care.
The only drawback of schnauzers is also the care of the wool, the rest is the dog for the house.
Whichever breed you choose, you can not do without proper training.
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