Dalmatians are very brave, but calm dogs, video.

 Dalmatians are very brave, but at the same time they are calm dogs.
Unmotivated aggression for them – is nonsense, but to bring to the white-hot dog is still possible, so if you have a capricious and harmful children who can hurt the dog, it is best to wait until they grow up.
However, in most cases the Dalmatian fits well with children, as well as with people in general.
Dogs do not grow higher than 60 centimeters, so they are perfect for teenagers, who are free to walk the dog without worrying about what it will be broken.
With strangers Dalmatian will be on guard, but will not show aggression.
However, some dogs of this breed are generally extremely friendly and do not even bark at strangers in their area of ​​responsibility.
But with other pets, especially if they themselves are aggressive, there may be conflicts.
Especially not lucky pugnacious cats. However, after some period of adaptation, everything should improve.
Training dogs lend themselves quite simple, but their own intelligence is not very high even by the standards of the dog – they cope with household tasks, but the level of Chow and German Shepherd from them should not wait.
The dog is best trained by a specialist, but home training is also suitable.
Generally, a Dalmatian will have to spend a lot of time – a dog of this breed content rather troublesome, ranging from daily combing wool (Dalmatians shed year round and quite abundantly).
In addition, the dog should also be bathed more often, as its wool easily falls down.
In addition, the Dalmatian needs to play quite a lot, since the dog is extremely sociable and one will be very bored.
However, if there are several animals in the house and they get on well with each other, the Dalmatian can start playing with them.
However, this gives rise to another problem – barking.
Dalmatians do not know how to bark or yap quietly (yapping, with rare exceptions, they do not know how).
Of course, they seldom bark, but they will hear the whole floor or even the entrance (especially if you live in an old building with thin, non-insulated walls).
Enjoy this interesting video. Write your feedback and comments.

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