Dalmatian - spotted friend, video

Dalmatian – spotted friend
 Dalmatians, they are “Dalmatians” in the people, they are really cult dogs, and mainly thanks to the studio of Walt Disney and their cartoon “101 Dalmatians”, as well as his film adaptation.
What is characteristic, Disney himself never had a Dalmatian and his faithful companion was a chow-chow, but this breed was chosen for the cartoon.
Dalmatians have existed since the days of Ancient Greece, although it is worth acknowledging that they received their characteristic color only a few centuries ago, when the breeders seriously worked on improving the breed.
Prior to this, the Dalmatians were a rather miserable sight, with drooping lips and an incorrect bite.
Interestingly – because of the comparative youth of the breed and the difficulty in breeding, the criteria for the purity of the breed are much higher.
They include the color of the nose and the conformity of the teeth to the dental chart, as well as the correctness of the movement, which should be free and possibly parallel.
Actually, therefore dogs of this breed are so expensive and rare, although there are quite a lot of “substandard” Dalmatians.
A little advice – if you need a dog not for breeding, but just like a true friend, then just take this, because the price sometimes differs by several times, and the wrong color of the nose is not the reason to consider the dog unfit.
Enjoy this wonderful and interesting video. Look and read with great pleasure. Write your feedback, comments and stories about pets.

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