Cute Scottish kitten The first month of the life of charming Suzy

The first weeks after birth, mother’s milk serves as the ideal food for a kitten. But as the baby grows and develops, the need for more diverse foods becomes apparent. And so, your kitten is 1 month old. Already you can start a lure? What to feed? The beginning owner or breeder has many questions.
The timing of the introduction of complementary foods is very individual. They depend on the breed, timing of birth of the mother, the appetite of kittens and their number in the litter. It makes sense to offer complementary foods from day 30. You will easily understand whether your kitten is ready for a gradual transition to solid food or not yet.
What can be a lure? The most convenient way to use ready-made rations for kittens from the age of 1 month, for example, Babycat Instinctive, which is perfect during this period of development. It has a delicate texture that almost does not require chewing, which is especially important for small kittens during the period of teething: the gums are very sensitive during this period.
A kitten during its growth needs vitamins that may be in excess, and more often in lack of home-made food. Therefore, it is best to choose proven, ready-made rations, balanced on all the necessary indicators.
With the introduction of complementary foods should follow a few rules:
• Introduce lure gradually, in very small doses.
• Do not add a new product earlier than a couple of days after the previous one was introduced.
• Watch the kitten’s behavior carefully: it is critical if the kitten becomes restless, belches, the chair is broken. For any of these signs, reduce the amount or cancel the new food.
• Sometimes, if the kitten is somewhat restless, you need to slightly massage its tummy slightly.
And the last. There are kittens that easily go on feeding, but there are those who do not want. Do not insist! Sooner or later he wants to join the brisk company.

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