Colorful, self-respecting British cat, video.

The most colorful, with dignity, is the British cat.

Pros and cons of the breed
 Well, and finally about the advantages and disadvantages of our British wards.
Let’s be honest: there are no downsides to the breed!
British cats, regardless of the length of their wool, are excellent companions of life:
• They are affectionate, not rancorous, most are well brought up or easily succumbed to your upbringing.
• They have strong health and a cheerful disposition, possessing a developed mind and self-respect.
• If it can be attributed to the minuses – the sense of dignity of the British is really expressed and comparable, perhaps only with the pride of the cats of the orientals.
• Some owners complain that the British breed is not sociable, but this again, not an indicator of a bad character.
• Against this background, many feline “parents” note the uncontrollability of Britons, a penchant for dirty tricks and aggression.
The nature of this breed may be the catalyst for such problems, but not the cause. Therefore, all you need to do to get a calm, friendly kitty is to choose the right British kitten, and then properly bring it up.
And if you are not lucky with the choice, any kitten can be weaned from bad habits, the main thing is to start as soon as possible and with love.
Like humans, “bad” cats are not born. Therefore, the care and upbringing of a British kitten are two pillars on which the character and most of the habits of the baby are based.
The character is also influenced by the nickname of the kitten →
They say that cats perceive people as very large congeners. But remember, if you took a small kitten, feed it and take care of it – you are also a cat-cat for him, and this will always be so.
Even when the kitten grows up and gets along well with all members of your family, it’s you he will call to play – jogging – to jump, it will come to you to complain when he is ill. So, when deciding to take the baby to the house, remember – we are responsible for those who have tamed!

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  1. In 2013 my student and her parents were left to relocate to Spain and decided to give me kitten of the British breed, they have a cat just gave birth to two kittens. Gave me as a girl and turned out to be a boy.:) We called it a Date. The color of our cat-purple. While he was a kitten-it was the little devil that wakes everyone up at 5am by biting our limbs and all were very playful. And now at nearly 4 years playful. The boy has grown up he is large-5.6-6kg in weight; powerful-paw can really give it to him to hit. With beautiful, large, orange eyes. And his character was willful, in and of itself. Not like any unexpected Tuscany, Wuxi-pusi, all of this will be to deny all 4 paws. Only with the permission of this gentleman it can to pet and scratch. To understand that we allow this very easily: in this case, he comes to us, falls back and waits so he scratched his belly.:) But if we get sick, then he goes close and purrs, almost without leaving. Like in itself, but clearly knows who his owners are. Sometimes we carry him to the village, in the house of many rooms, but sleep will be just where I am. In the village likes to catch mice and does it very well. And this monkey is very clever. If I’m going to sit on a chair, he in an instant jumps on him and sits with a look of gloating that he had, and I’m not. Date you can safely leave it on all day one, and in the evening he will sit down and tell your cat’s language, how his day was. By the way, this breed is called the cats for businessmen, as they do not grieve while you are at work. We feed him special food, but he terribly loves persimmons and tomatoes, and climbs, so that at least a piece of snatch. For food they need to be vigilant, as this breed has no sense of proportion, they can constantly eat. And still need to watch out for their fur, not to forget to brush, otherwise the whole apartment will be in shreds of wool.

  2. The British, by their nature, very similar to humans. Young kittens are very active, curious, affectionate and gentle. With age, cats become more calm. The British are very fond of human company, but if you are not home they will find something to occupy! Love to talk with us. What a pity that we don’t understand about. They are good at making conversation kind of meow. The British are not particularly fastidious animals only – it is not necessary to feed them fatty food. And if you get a kitten, you should hide all the small items, jewelry and more to what he can access, otherwise you will have to search through the entire apartment in their search!

  3. The animal is extremely smug and self-sufficient. Affection does not like and does not need to be stroked. Sometimes of course you can give yourself Pat, but from afar. On my knees to sit never will be. If harassment she was tired can hiss and bite. Here is the photo of a very evil cat, but what a comic! Witnessed another funny case involving a British cat. I have quite a long time worked in a veterinary clinic (not a doctor). Once under the door, threw a British cat. Some situation was not clear: the cat to carry, close the tray, a package with food. As it turned out the owners moved to another town and the cat left a family, those her and put up with things. Kitty sat till evening in the hospital, and in the evening it took one of the doctors. He gave it to his friend’s house. This miniature representative of the British breed for the day settled on a new location and became the main in the house. When it was time for food and bowls of food were distributed she first came to the food, choose a bowl for the soul and began to eat. Two dog breeds Sheltie and a cat who lived in the house for five years she was afraid. My cat has now become a Muscovite. I miss it sometimes. Very beautiful, elegant animal that could be a family member.

  4. Recently traveled with his son to buy a kitten. Thought to buy a Scottish fold, but seeing kittens still chose British. Colors was a lot to like blue. Bought for 6 thousand, with papers, pedigree, all as it should be. Brought home the first day almost did not eat. But when mastered, we decided that it is not a waste of money. The kitten was very smart, knows what should go in the pot, not throwing food out of the bowl. Very clean! I was very surprised when they began to swim, the cat in the tub began to jump! If you can not open the door, meows, asks us to let him in. In the food nepriveredliv. In General, buy-will not regret! Kittens are wonderful!

  5. Cat we have a very cleanly: loudly announce to have cleaned the tray, disdainfully shake paws if stepped on wet.:)

  6. I was lucky to become not a long time owner of a British cat. Relatives went to the new place of residence, and the cat is still waiting in the wings. I’m extremely sympathetic to the cats of this breed for their natural beauty and grace. Once in a new situation and left without their former owners eve did not become sad, feel prudently.

  7. It was love at first sight once and for a lifetime! As soon as this cute little bundle crossed the threshold of our home – life has changed. Now the main house is our beloved lialechka. If only she was comfortable. No one will ever get her off the couch or chair, even if there is nowhere else to sit. Kitty – Holy. It is our positive emotions, it is endless admiration with a stupid expression on his face. The British are very smart, intelligent, thick. Love comfort: sleep on a soft (preferably on your pillow) next to you, delicious to eat, chat when you want. And if you do not want, you do nothing to attract the attention of the bun. Royal pride, blue blood. But in General they are very cozy creating with a wise philosophical view.

  8. Decided to write a review about your beautiful cat! I love cats, I have two living with me, it’s the cat and the cat will tell You about the cat! A gray cat British breed, named kitty! Very naughty, my cat shugan, runs after him and jumps on him! Very affectionate! Gave me for my Birthday a little kitten, Very beautiful color of the cat, a little gray, a little white, but I like his hind legs, one Lana is black and one paw is white, I’m still laughing at her, saying not wearing sneakers on the other foot))) in a year after she came to me, I had to give her sterilization, began to cry, not allowed to sleep, and I to the vet took, but after a frantic week again! Very naughty, loves my hands to bite!

  9. This beast is for those who love fur products for pleased with them, only their fur, to the touch, reminiscent of sheared mink, this, in fact, all the pros and end. Cute this cat’s face does not compensate for her behaviour, stupid animal! Absolutely not focused on the human wild just always worn at the corners like crazy, living in some separate their own little world, the man perceives as a post, want to climb up on him, wants to be scratched! Have had repeated experience with these animals, worse than any of them cats are not met, by God! Cats without brakes completely! Never got the boots!

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