• All shades of gray: from dark gray to gray-pale yellow.
• Gray-brown with a zone enhancement of the red, and a dark brown-red are allowed.
• There are colors with a slightly pronounced tiger, almost to black color.
• Mono-colors are characterized by a black mask on the muzzle, white marks on the chest, paws, and tip of the tail are often found.
• Dark continuous lines of lips and eyelids are mandatory for all colors.
• Clear white, completely black and piebald colors are considered undesirable. And also the presence of a cripple on the nose and paws.
Depending on the area of ​​residence, the appearance of Caucasians is slightly different.
Dog breeders divide the breed into types:
• Armenian;
• Georgian;
• Dagestan;
• Azerbaijani.
What kind of sheepdog is like a collie ->
Types are subdivided into smaller subtypes by their habitat. Appearance depends on climatic and landscape features of the area. The differences are mainly in the length of the coat and the colors. However, this is one breed.
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