Collection of the biggest breeds of dogs video

This instructive and interesting video shows examples of the largest breeds of dogs all over the world.
Large dogs attract the attention of every indifferent animal lover. Still, tall tall heavy-bodied dogs have a special stature – they are beautiful, majestic. With them you feel confident and calm, because even one of their appearance inspires fear in ill-wishers.

Advantages of large breeds of dogs are many. For example, large pets can, if necessary, protect the life of the owner and his property. And they will affect the enemy not with the help of powerful barking, but thanks to serious dimensions. The weight of some big dogs can be over a hundredweight, so a rare attacker will risk fighting with them. Such guard dogs and watchmen, who have impressive sizes, include Caucasian and Central Asian shepherds, St. Bernards.

Another indisputable advantage – the endurance of large dogs, their willingness to serve a person, to be useful. In the ranks of police and rescuers serve such breeds as Newfoundland, Leonberger. Thanks to his excellent instinct, his ability to make quick decisions and the absence of anger towards a man, these animals save other people’s lives, sometimes risking their own. They are also able to become guides for blind and visually impaired people. Can look after babies when parents are not around. Despite the lack of aggression, such dogs are capable of interceding for the master, since they possess courage.

Large dogs are not sissies, they are able to live not only in an apartment, but also in street cages. Usually they are not afraid of cold winters, they can normally survive the heat. Such pets can be taken with them on a journey – to the sea, to the forest, without fear of inadvertently losing sight of them. According to many breeders, it is the large dogs that are more capable of training and training (compared to small decorative breeds). Also, sometimes dogs-big guys are more balanced and calm temper, they rarely bark, can be friendly with other pets in the house. True, provided that the owner give a lot of attention to their correct education, since an untrained and naughty giant is a headache for everyone around.

However, giant dogs also have some weaknesses. First, their life expectancy is relatively low – from 6 to 12 (rarely 15) years. While some small breeds live up to 15-18 years. In addition, the ailments of most heavy and tall dogs are joint diseases (dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.). Often in dogs, hefty people are having problems with the cardiovascular system.
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