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Cheerful evening of a hamster and cat of photo

Whether the hamster and a cat can live in one apartment?

It is healthy when there are forces and an opportunity to hold at home several animals. However, that collateral life did not turn into real war where you constantly will be between the devil and the deep sea, is necessary if not friendship between your favourites then the neutral relations. With cats there is a special situation as they — one of the few predators which can live among people.

Hamster and cat in essence animals incompatible as the cat perceives a little rodent as food. Especially, when a hamster not from large breeds, something is difficult in this situation or to think up. And, if more sociable rats can easier adjust communication which all the same can guarantee nothing, then the important hamsters concentrated on the affairs live in solitude. They have essential tasks.

Therefore, in the absence of common interests the representative of cat’s can just not pay attention to the neighbor or immediately open a hunting season. When there are in one apartment a cat and a hamster, be attentive. In most cases this meeting will bring nothing good.

Try not to leave this couple alone at all. At predatory cats very good reaction, and for several seconds when you are not in the room, can happen a disaster. Therefore, being distracted by something or leaving the room where there are animals, return a hamster in a lodge. So you will be able to prevent danger.

How to make a hamster and a cat friends?

Animals have to eat food separately, otherwise the cat can be extremely dissatisfied.

The lodge of a hamster has to be most removed from the place of feeding and the favourite vacation spot of a predator.

It is desirable to place apartments of a rodent so that the cat did not reach them. The matter is that even through rods of a cage or other various cracks and exits the predator can damage a hamster.

Pick up in a rodent lodge the good reliable mechanism for locking of a door, otherwise soon the cat will learn to open a door to the little neighbor. And then you can not manage to react.

Try not to deprive of an attention a cat after appearance of the new pet. There is a sense even to add in this question of care and an attention. If you do not make it, the animal will quickly find guilty in everything and will try to move away him from the way to be always at number “one” in the house.

To discharge a predator emotionally, it is necessary to play more often with it vigorous games so that was jogs and jumps much. Of course, after such program the animal will be more pacified and at it just will not be enough for implementation of artful plans of energy. The cat is in that case satisfied and will be just restored in the place.

Try not to abuse and not to punish a predator for the fact that he behaves as it is put by the nature. It can offend and anger the pet. If you see that the cat shows interest in the new settler, it is possible to make some abstracting maneuver or to gather “at a round table”. It is possible as you immensely adore a cat that the predator felt that it still the best and favourite.

Do not leave pets unguarded at all. If you have the most peaceful cat on light, it is all the same nothing is guaranteed – the nature can prevail. If so it happened that apartments of a rodent are in that part of the apartment which is loved by a cat, it is better to choose some other place for placement of a hamster.

Of course, in development of the relations genetic features of animals and their character are of great importance. They will also define the fate of animals. For example, at street kittens who were lodged in house conditions qualities of the hunter will be more shown. It will be not so interesting to domestic cats to chase rodents.

The breed also has huge value. The pacified Persians will be able to be reconstructed and accept quickly enough a situation with a sharing, the Abyssinians differing in activity and mobility can not be so peaceful.

Remember that each animal is unique and has the features of character. A task of the person — to study habits of the predator and to manage to inform competently it that the hamster is brought not for games and personal amusement of a cat.

If at you it is more narrow there are both animals, and you are not going to give someone to avoid quarrels between them or even death of a rodent, pay an attention to these recommendations. They will not be able to extinguish instincts at a predator, but some situations will help to warn.

In case the cat for the present lives one with you, well weigh all pros and cons before going to pet-shop for a rodent. Perhaps, you also will preserve mentality, and keep life of a hamster.

See cheerful evening of a hamster and cat of video

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