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Description of the Poodle
One of the most intelligent and clever breeds of dogs is a poodle. Description of the dog breed poodle is confirmed. And the view that this is a decorative breed of dogs exclusively for glamorous ladies – is mistaken.
To such conclusions can push their hairstyles, with which they flaunt at exhibitions. And this breed was taken out for hunting. Later they began to be used in the circus. In general, poodles are ideal companion dogs that will become true friends and true companions.
 One of the most universal breeds of dogs is rightly recognized as a poodle. The history of the poodle breed begins from the time of antiquity. Greek and Roman coins from the 12th to the 13th centuries depicted poodle-like dogs.
Under the modern name, they began to be mentioned in the 15th – 16th centuries. In the Baroque and Rococo era, these dogs were often depicted in sculpture and painting. The first description of the breed was made in 1555. And after 7 years, three varieties were described: multicolor, large and dwarfish.
Initially, they were displayed as hunting dogs, which specialized in getting game from water. This historical fact is due to their great love for water procedures. As an ornamental breed, poodles became popular during the reign of Louis 16 in France.
Today, poodles not only perform in the circus and live in apartments as decorative dogs. In Hong Kong, they are used for blind people as guides.
The breed is very elegantly composed. Dogs have a neat head on a strong neck, muscular limbs and strong back. The tail is planted high, hanging long ears and amygdala expressive eyes.
The breed is divided into 3 varieties: large (or royal), small and that-poodle.
 For the king, a large stretch of paddock is needed. He will perfectly cope with the role of a service or hunting dog.
 Small poodle can additionally be used as a companion dog. It requires less space for its contents than for the royal one.
 Toy or dwarf is ideal for keeping in homes or city apartments.
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