cat nyashka Britashka

A fascinating, positive video about a cat, the British breed of gray.
Features of British cats
British kittens are the most desired animals in any home. Even those parents who have small children do not intimidate their appearance. After all, they are very patient with respect to the small owners. Some experts of animals compare them with dogs-nannies. But this can not be said about adults at all. If the cat did not like the treatment, then he will not tolerate it. But if you belong to those people who are looking for animals not only creatures, but also friends, then the British cat is for you.
The British shorthair cat is known in the world for its harmoniously combined structure. It has a short, but thick and dense coat. The tail is usually thick, but not long. Eyes are smart, large and planted widely. They run fast and jump on short, but strong legs. The British cat is distinguished by good health and endurance of different living conditions. If you see her as a real friend, then the cat will live next to about twenty years. It contains the instinct of a predator and a hunter, and to realize it, one must give it a lot of space. The most optimal option for living a cat is a big house, because in the apartment it will be cramped. Only in the state of hunting, the cat releases claws. The British cat remains popular even now, when new representatives of the cat family have appeared. The history of its appearance stretches from the 40s of the last century. But the first representatives of the breed perished during the Second World War. Then they continued to display, respectively, expanding the color palette.
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