British researchers claim that dogs smile when they are happy, gif video
In the UK, a competition has been announced to determine the happiest pet in the country, as well as the owner of the most charming smile. The competition was initiated by the Drontal brand, which produces medicines for our smaller brothers.
Any animals are allowed to participate in the competition – dogs, cats, horses, hedgehogs, lizards, etc. The owner must send pictures of his pet and accompany them with a short story that could convince him that his pet is happy with life. The course of the competition can be observed on the Drontal page on Facebook.
By the way, before announcing such an unusual contest, the trademark conducted a sociological study. It turned out that 81 percent of dog owners in the UK are confident that their pets feel when they are unhappy, emotionally depressed, and 66 percent believe that their dogs are able to feel love. The study found one hundred dogs smile when happy.

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