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Have you decided to buy a purebred kitten? Remarkable, because it is the pedigree cats that have the most appropriate character for keeping in an apartment. How not to make a mistake with the choice of what to pay attention to?
Currently, more than 40 popular cat breeds are recited. There are large and small, resembling a wild beast, or on the contrary, a soft toy. The most incredible, sometimes exotic colors, fluffy and completely without wool. Find what you like is not difficult.
Breeding of pedigreed cats is carried out in accordance with the rules of selection, as part of a well-thought breeding program. Cats are selected for work whose appearance is closest to the breed standard. It is not only the exterior that is taken into account, but also the behavior: a pedigreed cat must be purely homely, friendly and well-mannered. However, the nature of cats of different breeds is significantly different from each other.
That is why the choice of a kitten is limited not only by the choice of a particular appearance. Each breed is primarily a character, temperament, style of behavior. Some cats love solitude and are completely independent, while others, on the contrary, are sociable through measure and take part in all household chores. Some breeds require minimal grooming, others – thorough grooming.
Of course, you must understand that a purebred kitten costs money, and the more popular or exotic the breed, the higher the price.
So, as the proverb says, meet on clothes. First, decide which breed you most attractive in appearance. Find out all about the character and its features. For example, if you work a lot and stay at home only closer to the night, you definitely do not need to start a snow-white Persian handsome man who requires daily care of hair and eyes.
It is important to understand why you want to have a thoroughbred handsome. Is your goal to win at exhibitions, to breed pedigreed cats, or are you just looking for the perfect pet for yourself? When you begin to communicate with the breeders, you will hear this question one of the first.
The next stage is the study of the Internet, literature and visiting cat shows. Chat with breeders. Feel free to ask them about the features of the breed, which they do: breeders will gladly tell you about it.
Visiting exhibitions will help you not only to take a fresh look at the cat and learn to see the breed in it, but also to meet people who in the future may become your friends, colleagues, and like-minded people. They will be happy to share with you their experience and tell you how to choose a kitten, and what to look for, based on your requests.
Then – visit the nursery. Naturally, each breed is characterized by a certain appearance and character, but the kitten must also be seen in its familiar surroundings. Only there you will be able to see the natural behavior, some of its features, to understand the individuality: how sociable a kitten is, playful, socialized, how much he is accustomed to purity. In addition, there the kitten itself can make a decision – it is often the case that the kitten chooses its owner, and not vice versa.
Do not make a purchase on the Internet, in pet stores and bird markets. In most cases, there may be problems with breed, character or health. But the kitten you take for many years, and it is better that it is a healthy, purebred animal that does not disappoint your expectations. Choose right!

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