Blue-eyed playful British kitten

Types of colors
Scottish cats have a huge variety of color variations, one of the most popular of which is tabby, and it is these cats that are often depicted in the photo in advertising. With this color on the cat’s forehead, the letter “M” is visible, on the tail and paws are narrow strips that go over to the neck and sides in spots or a marble pattern. On the eyes and lobe of the nose – edging. Tabby can have quite a few variations.
• tiger tabby. Clear narrow lines along the cat’s entire body, a striped tail, a necklace around the neck, and a saddle-like pattern on the back.
• spotted tabby. Distinct patches all over the hull of various shapes and sizes. Along the ridge stains are formed in one lane, which goes from the neck to the tail. There are stripes on the paws and tail, small spots on the belly.
• marble tabby (classic). Spots resembling drawing on marble throughout the body.
• red tabby. With this version of the color in addition to the bright red pattern in Scottish Fold golden eyes, brick spout and paw pads.
• blue tabby. Wool has a cream-blue base and bright pattern. The eyes are amber, the nose and pads are pink.
• brown tabby. Copper wool with black pattern, amber eyes, red nose, dark paw pads.
• cream tabby. Pale wool with a dark pattern, amber eyes, pink nose and paw pads.
• silver tabby. This color is distinguished by nut or green eyes, a dark nose and black paw pads.
Often there are plain colors of the Scottish Fold cat, in which there is no pattern or ticking at all.
• white solid with amber or blue eyes, special attention is drawn to the Scottish fold with heterochromia, that is, with different eyes.
• black solid without shades in wool, amber eyes, nose and paw pads are black.
• owners of blue color have gray-blue wool, amber eyes, gray-blue paw pads and spout.
• purple solid with amber eyes and purple nose, pads.
• Scottish Fold red solid also have amber eyes, reddish pads and spout.
• cream solid – pinkish pads and nose, golden eyes.
• brown solid – pink-brown pads and nose.
Enumerate all the variations of colors of the Scottish Fold cat, perhaps, is impossible, since every year new colors and their names appear. Among the most popular, in addition to the above, should be mentioned such colors as silver and red chinchilla – when the wool and undercoat have different shades, smoky colors (black, blue, cameo), shaded (golden, silver).

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