Bengal cat-home leopard, video

Bengal cats, without a doubt, are one of the most striking, extravagant and mysterious breeds.
In Russia, they are few. Those who are familiar with these animals by hearsay, treat them with apprehension and waryness, they are often asked whether they are dangerous. At the same time, some exotic owners show signs of excessive love, sometimes reaching fanaticism. Such different opinions are not surprising – cats are indeed unique.
The origin of Bengal cats
 Their appearance, they somehow resemble a wild ancestor – an Asian leopard, because they are related to it genetically.
The appearance of this breed is associated with the name of the scientist Gene Mill, engaged in hybridization and genetics of cats since 1946.
In 1978, she, together with the geneticist W. Sentuyallom, proceeded to remove the Bengal breed – an exotic exotic cat with a homely temperament.
They all turned out – in 1985, cats were officially registered in TICA, and in 1985 they were shown at exhibitions. Spectators were fascinated by the unique breed.
Gene’s idea was simple: she hoped that people would stop exterminating a small forest predator if he associated them with a pet. In addition, she wanted to bring out an animal, affectionate, tame and similar to a typical resident of the jungle. The experiments turned out to be successful.
 With the breed of cats asher is a scandalous story. They say that this is a fictitious name. There is no such breed.
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