Attention, love and affection, all you need for Sharpei, video

The contents of shar pei, care
 The first thing Shar Pei needs, however, like any dog, is love, attention and affection. Favorite dog will answer only good and never offend anyone.
As for everyday moments, the complicated care of shar pei is not required. Particularly facilitates the content of the lack of long hair, and hence strong molting, and frequent combing. No, the shar pei are shedding, of course, but this is not as noticeable as with longhaired breeds.
Compliance with simple rules will reduce the amount of wool in a dwelling:
• Wash Sharpei several times a year, using a special shampoo for short-haired dogs;
• comb the dogs with rubber brushes, combs with short teeth;
• Increase the number of walks and combs during moulting.
Sharpei ears do not require any special cleaning. From time to time you can look into the auricle and, if there is accumulated too much sulfur, carefully remove it with a cotton ball.
As for the cotton buds, it is better not to abuse them – the risk of sulfur penetration inside the ear increases. Vatu can be moistened with hydrogen peroxide.
If a liquid discharge has started from the ears, an unpleasant smell has appeared, then, most likely, the dog has otitis. Immediately should contact the veterinarian, he will select the necessary treatment.
A small suppuration of the eyes in the morning in shar pei is considered the norm. You can wipe these allocations with a clean wadded disk.
In norm there is also a small lacrimation. The causes of such a “whiny” condition can be covered in allergies, problems of the tear duct.
However, it is worthwhile to worry only if the discharge of tears is too abundant, with pus appearing throughout the day.
Young individuals, as a rule, do not have problems with their teeth. But it is better to teach the puppy to care of teeth in advance.
You need to massage your gums from time to time, clean your teeth with a slice of lemon (removes plaque), you can use a special toothbrush for dogs.
It is important to provide the sharpey with a sufficient number of objects that can be scratched by teeth. This will help to ease the dog’s period of changing teeth, will play the role of preventing the proper bite, will save furniture.
Sometimes shar pei are operated on the lower lip. This is necessary in the case when the teeth damage the dog’s overly curled lower lip.
Claws must be regularly cut, especially those dogs that do not often walk on the street. For this procedure, there is a special claw. Equip it with extreme caution, try not to touch the vessels in the claws.
If all the same the blood came to the surface – stop it by dipping the claw into the flour.
Pleasant viewing of this fascinating and instructive video. Write your feedback and comments.

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