An interesting video of how the cats sleep.

How much should a grown-up cat sleep
 An adult pet usually spends less time sleeping than a kitten.
And, nevertheless, if your cat is completely healthy, and sleeps more than 20 hours a day, do not worry. For adult cats, everything is also individual.
Falling into a long slumber can be an aging cat – it seems to again become a baby.
Do not discount the peace of mind of the pet. If the cat is practically not sleeping and all the time “keeps your ears open”, most likely, he is stressed and clearly not located to the household. In this case, the cat does not fall asleep until all the owners settle down – it’s just afraid.
Faced with this situation, you need to take urgent measures, otherwise:
• the animal can lose weight;
• get sick;
• become nervous or even earn problems with the psyche.
There is only one way out: you need to establish contact with the pet, calm it, and also equip a secluded place for sleep – safe and warm. To help the cat cope with stress will help inject Gamavit.
Healthy cats sleep at least 12-14 hours a day, but we often do not notice how much time they spend on sleep. All because the sleep and wake-up intervals in domestic cats are short.
When given a minute, they can fall asleep in any, even the most inappropriate place. But as soon as the cat hears an interesting sound – the strewing food or the refrigerator door – then wakes up, as if she did not sleep at all.
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