An exotic Chinese Crested dog's video, playful and friendly

A fascinating, fun, interesting video about a small, playful breed of dog, this Chinese Crested will lift everyone a wonderful mood.

10th place – Chinese Crested
males: 28-33 cm
bitches: 23-30 cm
up to 5.5 kg
 The representative of the Chinese family of miniature dogs is characterized by a coquettish tuft on the head, from which they received the name.
With their hair on their head, you can carry out various manipulations: often such a dog is driven to animal hairdressers, so that the pet’s home looks irresistible.
Special attention should be paid to the tail. Its splendor and beauty pleases the eyes of not only the hosts, but also the make-up artists and designers who are ready to implement their boldest ideas.
They have a quiet, peaceful nature, they feel great with other animals. As enemies they are not perceived even by cats.
The Chinese Crested is compact and well-behaved in a small handbag. Very diligent and obedient. Positively refers to walks on hands or in a handbag.

Excellent view and mood. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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