Amazing mind and vast range of the American Staffordshire Terrier, video

 A distinctive feature of the American Staffordshire terrier is an amazing mind and an extensive range of moods. He can be sensitive and gentle, and after a while his impudence can exceed all conceivable limits.
Amstaff – one of the few dogs who can smile, and really.
A unique learning ability and a high level of intelligence will enable the owner to achieve brilliant successes from his pet in training and submission to the master.
Friendliness in relation to family members, and especially to children, makes them wonderful companions, and inherited guardian instincts from the ancestors – reliable watchmen and bodyguards.
The balanced nature of the American Staffordshire terrier allows him to easily adapt to the conditions of the city. He completely does without long walks and does not tire out excessive “talkativeness.” All these brilliant qualities give grounds to consider amstaff a universal dog, unusually pleasant in communication.

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