Amazing breed dog Japanese Spitz video

Japanese spitz (Japanese Nihon Supittsu, English Japanese Spitz) breed of medium-sized dogs. Breeded in Japan, by crossing different spitz. Despite the fact that this is a fairly young breed, it gained great popularity because of its appearance and character.

This breed was formed in Japan, between 1920 and 1950, as the first mention of it dates back to these years. The Japanese imported a German spitz from China and began to cross it with other Spitz. As in most cases, accurate data on these crossings have not been preserved.
This led to the fact that some consider the Japanese Spitz as a variation of German, and others as a separate, independent breed. At the moment, it was recognized by most cynological organizations, except for the American Kennel Club (American Kennel Club) because of its similarity with the American

Different organizations have different growth standards. In Japan, it is 30-38 cm for males at the withers, for bitches a bit less. In England, 34-37 for males and 30-34 for females. In the USA, 30.5-38 cm for males and 30.5-35.6 cm for females. Small organizations and clubs use their standards. But, the Japanese Spitz is considered to be larger than its close relative – the Pomeranian Pomeranian.
Japanese Spitz is a classic medium-sized dog with a snow-white coat, which consists of two layers. Upper, longer and harder and lower, dense undercoat. On the chest and neck, the wool forms a collar.
Color – snow-white, it creates a contrast with dark eyes, black nose, lip contours and paw pads
Muzzle long, pointed. Ears are triangular in shape, standing. The tail is of medium length, covered with thick wool and raised on its back. The body is strong and strong, but flexibility remains. Overall impression of the dog: pride, friendliness and intelligence.
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