A wonderful video of sleeping cats.

Why does the cat sleep so much?
Why does a cat sleep so much?
 In today’s time trouble, the dream of almost every working person is a dream. And you did not know that in this regard, you can envy cats? It’s about time, because a cat “pours” two of your shifts a day!
How much should the kitten sleep
 Baleen kids are usually active “rarely, but aptly”: in infrequent waking hours, kittens prefer to run, jump and explore the territory.
And each owner is rightly concerned with the question: how many hours a day should a kitten sleep?
There is no unambiguous answer to this question. The duration of the kitten’s sleep depends on its breed, the nature and characteristics of the physiology.
Healthy kittens can sleep up to 22 hours a day, and this should not cause you anxiety. The time of rest depends a lot on the age of the karapuza:
• Newborn lumps wake up only for meals;
• After getting a little stronger, they try to crawl near my mother, begin to wake up and fuss when she is not around, accordingly sleep less;
• matured kittens spend a lot of time playing games with their brothers and mother. Usually during this period the cat’s sleep schedule is determined by the cat, but often the kids are awake more often than the mother.
A cat’s many hours sleep can be assessed as a symptom of the disease, if other symptoms manifest themselves: a sharp change in the rest regime, a decrease in appetite and activity.
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