A small, very beautiful, kind, playful dog breed Bolognese, a fascinating video

It is impossible to tear your eyes from this small, beautiful, amazing dog of the Bolognese breed. Such a sweet little dog will always cheer up and give a lot of positive emotions to his master.

males: 27-30 cm
bitches: 25-28 cm
2.5-4 kg
 The history of the origin of the Bolognese originates in Italy. She was brought out on the whim of a noble lady, eager to stand out from the crowd of aristocrats. Later this decorative miracle had to taste and other European cities.
In Russia, the first representatives of the breed fell during the reign of Peter I, who brought a new pet to his house.
Bolognese have quite strong health and an amazing “survivability” – an average of 14 years.
In food, unpretentious and can be content with even a monotonous meal, without any frills.
These dogs are also good comrades: they perfectly know how to feel the mood of a person and are always ready to support.
Wool requires special care: it must often be washed, combed and cut. But properly trimmed dog resembles a small white cloud with black, like buttons in plush toys for children, eyes.

Pleasant viewing and reading. Write your feedback and write comments after watching this fun, nice video about a little dog.

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