A selection of the most incredibly beautiful cats

. This video is a selection of fascinating, interesting videos, which are presented with cute, beautiful, kind and different breeds of cats.
Cats – the most beloved pets pets of modern people, they are ahead of the popularity of even dogs, what can we talk about other animals. Moreover, each cat besides an interesting exterior has its own unique character – complaisant or absurd, good-natured or snooty. Some members of the cat family are independent and take the owner’s affection for granted, love solitude and tranquility. Other days can not live without their owner, they literally pursue him on his heels. The best option – when the nature of the cat coincides with the master, then the union will be harmonious. In addition, cats are excellent psychologists, able to capture the change in the mood of a person, intonation and timbre of voice.
The pet perfectly understands, when it is scolded for misconduct – scratched furniture, stolen food, puddles and piles outside the tray. And no less well able to understand affectionate speech when the owner regrets his fluffy companion. Some cats can be especially attached only to the owner, while indifferent to other members of the family. Others – make friends with everyone in the house without exception. How to choose a cat (or cat) to your liking, on what subtleties should you pay attention before acquiring a caudate friend?
Watch this video and maybe you’ll find your favorite pet for yourself. Great viewing. Write your feedback and comments after viewing

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