A rescue dog, a big clever Newfoundland, video.

An instructive, interesting video of a large but incredibly intelligent dog, the breed of Newfoundland. It is also called a diver dog.
About the breed of diver
 Dogs of the Newfoundland breed are often not very legitimately called divers: it is more correct to call the divers the breed bred in the USSR.
In the USSR, tried to bring a different, new breed of dogs, which would have a number of properties Newfoundland (power, resistance to cold, general endurance), but at the same time – somewhat “improved”, in terms of breeders, character and temperament.
It was supposed that this would be a service breed, with well-developed guard and guard qualities.
Such a dog was obtained as a result of crossing Newfoundlands with Caucasian sheep-dogs, it was given the name “Moscow diver”.
In the USSR, these dogs have been quite popular for some time, however, in 1985 the breed was deemed to be unpromising by the decision of the All-Union Federation of Service Dog Breeding.
Adopted Newfoundland breed standards:
The head is massive, proportional.
The skull is wide, with a slightly convex arch and strongly developed occipital mound. Well pronounced stop, smooth.
Muzzle of a square shape. The muzzle is short and soft. Skin folds on the muzzle are absent. The characteristic bite is either scissor-shaped or straight.
Eyes are relatively small in size, rather small, deeply planted, widely spaced.
Eye color – from dark brown to slightly lighter. Ears are small, triangular in shape, rounded at the ends, tightly fitting.
The neck is strong and muscular, well planted.
The body is deep, strong, with a broad back and chest. The skeleton is massive.
Strong and muscular loins. The pelvis is sturdy and broad, the thighs are muscular.
 Extremities – straight and parallel forelimbs, paws large, rounded. The presence of well-marked membranes between the fingers.
Impressive, proportional hind legs. The shins are strong and long enough.
The tail is wide and powerful at the base.
Dimensions – the average height of adult males is 71 cm, adult females – 66 cm. The average weight of adult males is 68 kg, the female – 54 kg.
Wool – double, water-repellent, small waviness is allowed. The outer hair is long, straight. Undercoat soft to the touch, thick.
Color – black, white-black and brown.
Life expectancy is 8 to 10 years.

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