A funny video of how the dogs sleep ..

A fascinating, fun video, how can dogs sleep and in what poses. Very nice and nice to watch the sleeping dogs.
Types of sleep in dogs
Today, experts confidently say that the phases of wakefulness and sleep in an adult pet can be changed up to 6-8 times a day. And this is normal. In this case, the dream itself is divided into polyphase, monophasic and seasonal. Each kind of sleep implies certain processes. So, for example, with monophasic sleep during the day, night sleep can be replaced by daytime wakefulness. Seasonal sleep – occurs when the animal’s organism passes into a prolonged state of hibernation, in view of the unfavorable conditions. Dogs, although not bears, but hard life periods: lack of food, cold, painful feelings, they prefer to live not in reality, but in a state of sleep. True, this dream does not last for many months, but the dog can sleep a day or more. More often than not, in normal life conditions, dogs have a polyphasic dream, consisting of drowsiness, shallow and deep sleep.

How long can the dog sleep through?
Puppies like to sleep for a long time and in the company. How long your pet sleeps depends on its age and state of health. So, for example, puppies just born, can sleep up to 20-23 hours a day, whereas an adult dog sleeps only 5-7 hours. Older dogs sleep even less. In this case, the mandatory position for sleep is horizontal, and if the dogs do not interfere, then it falls asleep very quickly

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