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In matters of cohabitation, it is very important to come together as characters or be able to accept the character of another being. This applies to the relationship of the owner and his cat. How to understand what kind of cat character will have?
Some character traits are usually associated with the cat breed. As a rule, each breed has its own specific type of behavior, although each animal individually and in its features is not limited to the description of the standard that specialists came up with. So, Siamese or Abyssinian cats are usually very social, and the British can easily carry the time alone. In a word, you can tell a lot about the characteristics of each breed. And by the way, it is worth remembering that when choosing a thoroughbred cat, it is rational to choose not only appearance but also character.
Also, the character of the cat can be – of course, only approximately – determined by its physique. Thin-bones, light representatives have a more labile psyche, are easily excitable. Massive cats with heavy skeleton, broad chest are more calm in behavior.
There is an opinion that the nature of the cat is determined by the color and length of the coat, but this assumption does not have any scientific confirmation.
If we consider the nature of the cat without regard to the breed, then we can conditionally use the well-known classification: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic.
• Sanguine
Very sociable social cat. Perfectly gets along with all family members, loves children and play with them. Loyal to any pets, with active pets playing games. He likes to explore the space in which he lives: he climbs on cabinets, actively explores the rooms.
• Choleric
An energetic cat with an extremely mobile nervous system. Very responsive to finding out the relationship in the house, can be jealous of another pet.
A very intelligent cat that is suitable as a pet in a family with a child of school age or in a family where they can pay enough attention to it.
• Phlegmatic
Very calm cat. Appreciates sleep and solitude. When such cats outgrow the age of the kitten – to involve them in the game will not be easy. Cats of this type get on well with all members of the family, but they feel best in the society of elderly people and in families without children.
• Melancholic
Very attached to the owner of a cat. Usually shy, does not tolerate sharp sounds. Melancholics are difficult to tolerate changes in the familiar surroundings, whether it is a guest or a new sofa, not to mention moving to another home. Melancholics are not tied to the family, but to the sole owner, no matter how many households are in the family. Perfect for people working at home or spending most of their time at home.
Why do we need to know the nature of our cat? First of all, in order to find an opportunity for comfortable coexistence. Of course, it is better to understand in advance what kind of creature you can find in your home, and choose not only external data, but the nature and compatibility of this character with your lifestyle.
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