A dog needs physical activity, a cognitive video.

 American Staffordshire Terrier should be kept only in the house or apartment. He should have a personal area – a place for rest, protected from cold, dampness and drafts.
The dog needs physical activity, so you need to provide him with the opportunity to walk and play. It’s great if in the warm season he can swim and swim.
Care for short amstaff hair is very simple: a regular brushing with a medium stiff bristle is enough. This cleanses the skin of dust and exfoliating skin particles, while serving as a kind of massage.
The eyes and ears of the pet should always be in perfect condition, for which they are regularly inspected and cleaned. It is also necessary to trim the claws in time to avoid discomfort of the animal during walking and running.
Amstaff’s health and illnesses
With good care, the health of the pet usually does not cause trouble and the caring owner will be able to enjoy the company of his pet for a long time. But even with perfect care, amstaffs are not immune from diseases of the joints, eyes and oncological problems characteristic of the breed. Therefore, starting from the first months of the life of the pet and to its advanced age, regular preventive examination by a specialist
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