A distinctive feature of Husky is her eyes, video

Standard Siberian Husky
The table shows some standardized parameters of the dogs of the Husky breed.
Head “Heavy”, clearly drawn, medium size
Eyes slightly slanting, almond-shaped
Ears: Medium, triangular, high set
Neck of medium length, proudly arched
Chest Deep, strong and not very wide
Tail Down, such as “fox”, gracefully bent on the back
Paws Oval, medium-sized, well pubescent
What distinguishes Husky from other Laika
 The appearance of the husky is quite peculiar. This is a medium-sized dog, proportionately and harmoniously built, with a muscular body.
The muzzle of the Siberian husky differs from all other hawks in its similarity to the wolf, a clear contrasting rendering of “glasses.” Slightly truncated nose on one side, gives Husky charm, and on the other hand, can cause insufficient warming up of the air during frost and dog diseases.
A distinctive feature of the husky is her eyes. They are usually blue, which in general is not characteristic of dogs. In addition to the blue color, the eyes of the Husky are either brown or multicolored – the standards allow the combination of brown and blue colors in different variations.
The genetic predisposition to the exclusive hardening of the pads of the paws to frost persisted in the husky from his ancestors. This allows the Siberian husky to quietly run through the snow for a very long time. This quality is indispensable in winter time and in the home maintenance of the husky – if to use it in winter as a “harness” for sledge trips it will provide sufficient physical load for the dog and will give maximum pleasure to the children.
Color Husky can be very diverse – from all shades of white and gray and white black to brown or pure white.

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