A butterfly dog, a friendly and vulnerable Papillon, a video.

A butterfly-dog, so many people call this breed a small sized dog. In this fascinating video you can look at this nice, kind, friendly little dog that will bring joy and good humor to his master.
Papillon is not so much fluffy as a hairy decorative dog. Adherents of charming muzzles with huge ears will be delighted. The indicator of the “thoroughness” of this small dog is a white coat combined with spots around the eyes and ears. So, color can combine white with brown, black or black and tan.
Papillon is an ornamental little companion dog, a descendant of dwarf spaniels. The official name is “Continental Toy Spaniel”.
The breed has two varieties: with standing ears and hanging, called a papillon and a phalene, respectively.
The word “Papillon” in French means “butterfly”. The reason for this – his ears, decorated with long hair and resembling the wings of an exotic butterfly.
His grace and sweetness became the reason for unusual popularity among noble persons. In many royal houses in Europe, it was considered a good idea to have this smart and smart kid.
Even the “sun king” Louis XIV was subdued by the Papillons and engaged in their breeding, adhering to the principle of closely related crossbreeding. The dogs of the king differed from modern shortened tail, raised up.
Towards the end of the 19th century, breeders tried to fortify the random mutations of the breed. Documents reflecting this, not preserved, so you can only assume that the standing ears of the Papillon were inherited from the Spitz.
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