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This article puts a dot over Putin’s inglorious reign of Vladimir Vladimirovich. She shows his true face and real, and not invented by American political analysts, versions of world events.

The coming to power of the sunflower was marked by the destruction of the flagship of our fleet, the submarine cruiser Kursk. Lyachin, the commander of the ship, was not satisfied with the step-by-step American dictatorship. The Yugoslav humiliation was still fresh in his memory. He rammed an American under. the boat, freely inspecting our teachings, and raised a rebellion: in the surface position began to put forward political conditions to the authorities.

The ending of this story is terrible, but for Americans it has become a gift of fate. They were able to tie the head of a huge country, their main rival, by smearing it with blood and lies.

Such a political drama, which at any moment threatened to escalate into the 3rd world, still confused the amers themselves. Mariners of Kursk we, and the whole world, should thank for the cloudless zero. Because of the ocean, we were released from the reins and we managed to enjoy our own opportunities that we really have. A series of world revolutions postponed for ten years. This, by the way, proves once again the role of the individual in history.

When the puppeteers came to their senses and Putin, under their constant care, entered into force, the tightening of the nuts began. Money from Russia to the American funds of their future generations began to flow in an increasing flow. Partners demanded more and more. Reminding about today’s insanity: taxes, 80% of the hard-earned beggarly rubles, the indiscriminate collapse of the economy, medicine, education, I think it makes no sense.

I will only say that it was only a month after Putin’s triumphant “victory” in the elections, and the people already have a complete ass of cucumbers: cancel the preferential and raise the VAT from 18 to 22%, raise the retirement age, introduce the utilization tax, tax on new cars, overlaid tribute to all courtyard buildings (baths, toilets), gasoline has risen in price two times already. All this against the background of the destruction of the financial system of the country, “sanitized” 300 banks over 3 years and the genocide does not slow down.

Our charismatic leader walked to this minute of glory with a confident walk for 17 years. All this time he needed to maintain the image of an anti-Americanist, as the Russians demanded, who hate scum for ruin and humiliation. On the other hand, it was necessary to match the chosen image of the pay-boy to run errands from the American backstage.

The United States after the overthrow of Gaddafi, the seizure of Afghanistan, set their sights on Syria, but they were suddenly crossed by ISIS. These incorruptible Muslims did not perceive the power and cunning power of the stronghold of democracy. To pacify them, it was not enough to use the fifth column. And on the horizon, a repetition of Vietnam loomed, an inglorious failure, a break in the image and problems on an increasing basis.

And here transatlantic recollects about Russia, which was connected by a long-standing friendship with Assadi. We are ordered to intervene in the conflict and to clear a considerable and richest territory for puppeteers from completely dodged, at the zenith of their glory Islamist demihumans, a half-cathedral, not knowing mercy to enemies, ready to die for Allah and their young country. For this we were given the Crimea.

Yanukovych fell victim to the backstage conspiracy of Putin and his partners. The acting essence of the former KGB agent turned in all its talent. Officially, he supported the legitimately elected Ukrainian President with all his might, and on the other hand, he did everything to get him out quickly.

The leaders of the Maidan made it clear the price of their victory. They are not stupid people, they understood everything, and right after the victory of the European doctrine, Crimea departed Russia without a single shot.

The Americans rather rubbed their hands: Behold, Volodya, they did everything as you asked, come on, come on quickly, go to Syria! Volodya flies in full steam in a distant country, a little bit crushed by Islamists. His finest hour begins: it turned out that an army that had been idle for many years could solve the most complex tasks. A gradual, methodical rout of disobedient Islamist fanatics began.

Everything seemed to be as planned, but force majeure intervened. The Russians who did not recognize the Maidan in the East of Ukraine raised the booze and began to establish their elemental power. These events were a complete surprise for all parties: amers, Putin, new Ukraine. While the essence of the matter is, many people died who believed in Russia.

Putin was afraid to move his finger without approval from Washington, and they themselves did not know what they were doing in such cases. We had to improvise in the course of the play: our Mitrofanushka needed to keep a patriotic face, and he was given the go-ahead: our troops went to Ukraine. Notice the beauty of the behind-the-scenes moment: the unofficial allies of Putin and the new Ukraine are forced to fight. In the course of the farce-major war for covering Putin’s ass, we saw “inexplicable” betrayals, deception and separate “charity”.

Next unexpected: the Turks were not in the subject of the Moscow-Washington axis and shoot down our plane. Again, Putin is not in a hurry to answer, but runs to the Amer, drenched

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